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Huada Superabrasive Tool Technology Company Ltd.
Head Office Add.: HuiYiPeng Industrial Park, Huada Nanpu Industrial Zone, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China. Factory Add.: Industrial Building in Huaqiao University, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China.
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Products and Production

Diamond Tools
All our diamond tools are manufactured under Lean Production and according to rigorous technical management system standards. We have a special department to perform quality controls. Additionally, we have made substantial investments to build the Diamond and Raw Material Testing Lab which is outfitted with advanced equipment such as the diamond morphology analyzer from Germany, metal powder analyzer, and the hydrostatic pressure strength analyzer for single diamond particles.

diamond wire saw
The diamond wire saw is one of our most popular products. We have established the Abrasive Tool Institute of Huaqiao University to responsible for the research and development of the product. The institute is mainly composed of industry famous doctors, professors, and senior engineers.

diamond blades and diamond segment
In order to ensure fine quality diamond blades, we adopt strict controls on the sintering process and diamond segment sizes, and also utilize advanced equipment such as automatic tension control rolling machines and fully automatic welding machines.

resin bonded abrasives
HUADA resin bonded abrasives are produced on the basis of the latest Italian technologies. They are designed for polishing of high-end tools. As compared with conventional abrasives, they feature longer service life, lower energy consumption, and higher polishing quality.

Mining and Quarry Machinery
Although we now have strong capacity in mechanical and electrical control systems development, we never stop technological innovation so as to maintain our leading technical position in the industry. For proven quality end products, the production and assembly of our mining and quarry machinery are conducted strictly according to our internal production instructions.

quarry wire saw machine
HUADA quarry wire saw machine is designed with touch screen interface to ensure easy operation. With low failure rate, the machine is able to achieve constant tension control during wire feeding. The main flywheel supports infinite speed regulation. Supporting wireless remote control, the wire saw machine offers higher cutting speed as compared with its counterparts.

DTH drilling machine
The DTH drilling machine features high efficiency, long service life, high drilling precision, and low hole tolerance.

horizontal core drilling machine
The horizontal core drilling machine is equipped with an automatically controlled feed mechanism to ensure fast drilling. It effectively reduces labor intensity for quarriers while improving the drilling precision.

rock drilling machine
The heavy type rock drilling machine is available with double- and four-hammer versions. It is available for efficient and fast drilling of multiple holes synchronously, which maximally improves working efficiency.